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Carol Hooper is an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic Senior Physiotherapist with over 13  years’ clinical experience working in both the UK and Australia within Hydro/Aquatic Therapy, Exercise, Hospital based rehabilitation and hands on private practice. She moved to Sydney from the UK where she graduated with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy in 2004.

Carol has had great success in both treating and helping people recover from various injuries, sport injuries and surgery. She provides Water and Land based individualised exercise programs tailored to your goals, abilities, individual needs and teaches our water-based, interval training cardio workout classes, ‘Hard & Fast’.

Carol’s treatment approach assists you to improve your fitness, posture, strength and flexibility and to achieve your goals, returning you to a healthy lifestyle.

Carol is currently on maternity leave and looks forward to returning to Hydro at Waverley in 2019.